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Social Media Metrics Explained

There is so much data you can use as a business owner or key stakeholder to track your venue's performance on social media from page activity, post reach, audience insights, and even post engagement.

With tonnes of metrics available to you across the major platforms including

Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, you may find yourself overwhelmed at the thought of setting aside time to learn their specific purpose – am I right?

Our team has developed this free resource to help business owners like you better understand the metrics available at your disposal, so that you can define your own success, identify areas for improvement and track growth – all from the device in the palm of your hand.

How does tracking social media metrics benefit your business?

Metrics inform hospitality operators on how well their social media strategy is

working. They will also help identify room for improvement where necessary.

Social media metrics allow you to analyse both negative and positive data, which may include website clicks or engaged users, and help inform hospitality business owners on missed opportunities, so you can make changes that help drive more bums on seats in the future.

Metrics can also track the effort put into each paid advertising campaign, report on money spent, landing page views, conversions, and whether you’re getting bang for your buck.

So, what measurements are available to you?

Most business owners will prioritise the following key metrics to manage their social media accounts:

  • Fans or Followers: The unique number of people who are following or fans of your businesses page

  • Likes: total number of 'likes' on a piece of content

  • Engagement: tallying interactions with your posts and interest in your brand

  • Reach: showing your current and potential audiences

  • Impressions: the number of times the content of your account has been viewed

These metrics are a great starting point, as you may already be familiar with the

measurements in your own daily administration. However, if you want to enhance

your socials strategy and measure your social media performance with the intend to grow as a business, the following metrics are your next port of call:


  • Calls: number of people calling your venue via social media

  • Direction clicks: a tally of users seeking directions to your venue

  • Reviews: number of positive or negative customer reviews/ratings received per period

  • Website clicks: number of site visitors via social media

  • Engaged Users: number of people who are actively engaging with your content or page


  • Link clicks: how many people click links in your ads for more info

  • Landing page views - number of people who viewed a specific page on your website.

  • Cost per conversion: how much you are spending per conversion (booking, ticket sales, etc).

So where do you find these metrics?

A number of metrics are available straight from the social media platform themselves including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. There are also a number of scheduling apps like Pallyy, Later, Hootesuite that allow users to access metrics like these via their platforms.

There is no clearer way to understand what’s going on with your business socials if

you don’t use your metrics to their full extent. Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the metrics available on your preferred platforms, it’s time to attach your social media goals to your real business goals, to create the informed strategy you need to grow your business.

Whether you already have a grasp on the basics of social metrics and just need a

nudge in the right direction to continue growing your business via social media, or if you need straight-out guidance on how to become more effective in your social media management, our free Social Media Metrics Cheat Sheet is the resource for you.

Download our Social Media Metrics Cheat Sheet for FREE today – no strings attached! And if you’re looking for one-on-one help with managing your social media presence, we are here to help schedule a 30 minute Strategy Call with us today!

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