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Seven simple ways to master your hashtag strategy.

Hashtags are everywhere + there are sooo many to choose from but how can you make them work for you or your brand?

Hashtags can do a lot for your business they make your content easier to find and they can encourage new audiences.

Now to tell you the truth when I started my Instagram page I did a HEAP of hashtag research, looked at what hashtags my competitors and potential clients were using, wrote them all down and then build topic-specific lists.

Then begun posting away, my content was written for my audience yet the followers and engagement I was getting was coming from a different industry not from my ideal clientele that's when I stopped I realised I needed to rethink my hashtag strategy. I went back to the drawing board and created a new list of more industry-specific hashtags + once I started using these I began to see more engagement from my target audience.

Getting the right hashtags for your brand takes time but here are a few top tips from me to start with;

1. Do your research - Hashtag research that is. Just like keywords there are sooo many to choose from. Start with making lists of hashtags industry leaders are using and then define your lists from there.

2. Use tools like or later for to generate or suggest relevant hashtags to add to your lists.

3. Don't use the same hashtags on repeat, change them up when possible. Except for your branded hashtag(s)

4. Match your hashtags to the right photo - keep them relevant. E.g. Don't post a picture of a customer + his dog and use the hashtag cocktail unless there is a cocktail in the image.

5. Don't over-do it. Instagram allows 30 hashtags per post. If you're just starting out I would suggest using approx 10-20 tags max but for an established business or brand less is more I would suggest 5 max.

6. Don't put your tags in your post captions as it can look spammy *especially if you are using all 30). Pop them in the first comment on the post.

7. Encourage customers to use your branded hashtag(s). Promote your tag through marketing campaigns + collateral.

Food for thought: recent Instagram statistics reveal that posts including at least one hashtag achieved more engagement than those with none.

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