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Box of Croissants

Let me work with you to build, develop, or re-build your brand, put a plan in place via a brand strategy to identify and establish who you are as a brand + the way in which you are going to communicate this to your audience.

For business owners that are:

  • Launching a brand new business and in need of an identity.

  • A matured brand that is beginning to feel a little outdated + in need of a refresh.

  • Changing your business direction and therefore need a new look.

  • Are an existing brand and want to build your own brand identity.


If so, then lets work together to create a powerful and stunning brand that you and your customers will love.


Brand Identity


It's the face of your business.

Your logo + brand look and feel acts as the face of your business, not only does it need to look good but it needs to represent your brand personality as your brand presence is associative to your business.


It builds trust + credibility with your audience.

A brand that has a face maintains that face which builds trust and credibility with its audience + competitors over time.


It builds your brand template.

A brand identity forms a template for everything creative that you do whether it be printed collateral, online assets, digital media, merchandise + more.


It creates your business mission.

Creating a brand identity means that you are giving your brand a purpose. It allows you to identify your 'why' and the values that drive your business.


It helps in generating new customers.

A brand identity attracts people that like or agree with what you stand for. Once your audience converts to customers they then gain a sense of belonging to the brand identity you have created.

What's Included

This service includes everything to build a promising brand strategy including:


  • Logos 

  • Brand colours

  • Fonts

  • Tone of voice

  • Imagery style guide

  • Creation of a complete personalised brand guidelines document to ensure your brand’s marketing + messaging is always consistent across your marketing channels

Why Brand Identity Matters

Let's work together on the face of your business.

As an all-in-one marketing service, I can help you with almost anything when it comes to marketing your business. So get in touch with me today and let's get the ball rolling.

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